Utho meri duniya ke ghareeboN ko Jaga do(Farman-e-Khuda)

[postlink]http://iqbaltube.blogspot.com/2010/08/utho-meri-duniya-ke-ghareebon-ko-jaga.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_YfGK8NHWAendofvid [starttext]Revolutionaly poetry of Iqbal
Book: Baal-e-Jibreel
Poet:Allama Iqbal
Singer: A nayyer

Faiz and Iqbal are from same place and known as greatest poets of their time..but if we try to have an over all image of them from public..Faiz is known as a biggest revolutionist from his poetic point of view and iqbal's poetry is used too much by religious people that he seems only a religious poet..
Actually faiz chose one dimension and kept himself in that but Iqbal was much more than that..he has written on many topics and in different direction , and different kinda people has taken his poetry as they want..he was a multi dimensional personality.
In my personal opinion Iqbal's revolutionary thought was stronger than Faiz..a few examples of such poetry are his poems
Az Khawab -e- Garan Khez
Lenin(Khuda ke hazoor main)
and this Poem..
Here he clearly says
If harvesting a field has no advantage to farmer..its better to burn each seed from that field..which shows he dont like compromises but he just want to do it...
Although we shdnt compare both but in one blog i saw this discussion so i am writing this..i l write more on this topic with Examples..but i like Iqbal Faiz and Ghalib on their places and never try to compare them..which shd be the way :)
Lyrics & translation


Utho Mere Duniya Ke Gareebon Ko Jaga Do!!
Kaakh-e-Umra Ke Dar-o-Deewaar Hila Do!!

Rise up and awaken the poor of My world!
Shake the doors & walls of the mansions of the great

Garmao Ghulaamon Ka Lahoo Soz-e-Yakeen Se;
Kunjishk Ke Firomaya Ko Shaheen Se Lada Do!!

Stirr up the blood of slaves with fire of Faith.
and make fearful Sparrow bold enough to face Falcon.

Sultani-o-Jamhoor Ka Aata Hai Zamaana;
Jo Naqsh-e-Kohan Tumko Nazar Aaye Mita Do!!

The reign of monarchy and Democracy is coming.
Remove any sign of archaism (old kind of system) you come across.

Jis Kheit Se Dehkaan Ko Muyassar Nahi Rozi;
Uss Khet Ke Har Khosha-e-Gandum Ko Jala Do!!

The field which doesn't yield a livelihood to farmers;
Burn every stack of wheat from that field.

Kiyun Khaaliq-o-Makhlooq Mein Haayal Rahen Parde?
Peeran-e-Kaleesa Ko Kaleesa Se Utha Do!!

Why should there be veils between the Creator & creations?
Remove all the intermediary priests from the worship places.

Haq Ra Ba-Sajoode, Sanaman Ra Ba-Tawaafe
Behtar Hai, Charagh-e-Haram-o-Dair Bujha Do!!

For Truth you do prostration, for idols you do circumambuluation.
It is better to remove light from all the holy places.

Main Na-Khush-o-Bezaar Hoon Mar Mar Ki Silon Se;
Mere Liye Mitti Ke Haram Aur Bana Do!!

I am unhappy and dissatisfied with decorated worship places;
Build another 'Haram' out of 'mud' for me!

Tehzeeb-e-Navi Kaargah-e-Sheesha Garaan Hai
Aadaab-e-Junoon Shayar-e-Mashriq Ko Sikha Do!!

The contemporary culture is burdensome as a workshop of brittle glass!
Teach the poet of the East, poetry filled with passion!! [endtext]


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